Basic support services provide the level of assistance, supervision, and care that is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the person and do not include services that are specifically directed toward the training, habilitation, or rehabilitation of the person.

Basic support services include:


In addition to the basic support service level of assistance, supervision, and care, intensive support services provide services specifically directed toward the training, habilitation, or rehabilitation of the person.

Intervention Support Services

In-home support services

Employment services


English As A Second Language Program
  • We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help disabled person sharpen their language, reading, writing, and math skills
 Basic Computer Training
  • Computer skills are a basic requirement in 21st century workplace. It is vital for disabled persons to obtain computer training to make themselves more valuable to potential employers and to obtain higher paying jobs.
 Job Seeking Training
  • We provide training to give you the tools you need to enter the job market, including assistance with writing resumes and honoring your contract and interview skills.
 Interpersonal And Intercultural Communication Skills
  • We help our clients developing strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills to create more satisfying interaction in all environment
 Quality Life Skills
  • A maximum quality of life is very important to people with a disability. We help our clients find ways to improve their abilities and regain their confidence to live more independent and rewarding lives.
  • MNCAPD assists clients with the process of finding and procuring appropriate and affordable housing
 Supplemental Security ( SSI ) And Medicaid
  • MNCAPD helps clients navigate and understand Supplemental Security Income ( SSI ) and Medicaid eligibility requirements and processes, including how to apply for benefits.