MNCAPD was founded in 2014 by physically disabled adults residing in the Hennepin county. Minnesota Borough area to identify their needs for services that were not being provided by the statutory sector or other voluntary sector organizations. In addition to providing physical therapy at their facility. MNCAPD also provides day training and rehabilitation for disabled people. In conjunction with the MN Department of Education, the MN Department of Health, and the State of MN. The group identified several other areas of need, including language education to improve communication skills, help with reading and writing English, and Math, to become participants and fully active members of mainstream society they wanted access to education services helping them to gain basic computer, job seeking, and daily living skills, and they wanted these services to be delivered close to where they live. Additionally, the group wanted to address the diverse needs of adults and children with physical disabilities for medical equipment. To meet these needs, MNCAPD seeks to donate medical supplies and equipment to physically disabled adults and children locally and in Africa. We hope that you will consider making this possible with generous and much appreciated donations.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission to serve the Disabled in Africa
Individual who become permanently physically disabled in Africa today find themselves in a deplorable and bewildering world, a world where there are perceived by society as sick, helpless and needy and no longer capable of performing their adult responsibilities such as caring for their families, meeting their personal financial obligations and controlling their behavior. In addition to being ousted from social society, they lose their right to participate in the economy, the right to access public buildings, equal access to private services and facilities such as handicapped accessibility and education programs the right to travel freely, and the right to choose their employment and associations.