MNCAPD was founded in 2014 by physically disabled adults residing in Minnesota. Identifying themselves as disabled local East African Americans, they continued to battle with language barriers, cultural barriers, social barriers and much more. We instantly recognized the need for services in the community and wanted to address the wide cultural gap in the disabled community. MNCAPD provides HCBS 245D services, In conjunction with the MN Department of human services.  Additionally, MNCAPD wants to address the diverse needs of adults and children with physical disabilities for day to day living assistance.


Our mission is to assist adults and youth with mental health, behavioral and psychological challenges in achieving social integration and being able to access the resources being provided to them. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled African people by providing educational, professional, social, and material resources. Those disabled individuals who are no longer capable of performing their adult responsibilities such as caring for their families, meeting their personal financial obligations and controlling their behavior are being ousted from social society, they lose their right to participate in the economy, the right to access public buildings, equal access to private services and facilities such as handicapped accessibility and education programs the right to travel freely, and the right to choose their employment and associations.  MNCAPD  wants A life free from the consequences of developmental and, physical trauma as well as other life challenges so that the person, their family, loved ones, and their community become more hopeful, healthy, and well.