About Us

MNCAPD was founded in 2014 by two physically disabled East African Americans residing in Minnesota. They recognized the need for services in their community that addressed language, cultural and social barriers and facilitated access to care, resources and opportunities that empowered them. MNCAPD wants to address the diverse needs of adults and children with physical and mental disabilities for day to day living assistance. We recognize the need for services in the community and know we need to address the wide cultural gap in the disabled community.
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Vision & Mission

To cultivate opportunities, freedom of choice and accessibility for people with disabilities, amplifying their voices through community, leadership and connection. Our mission is to assist adults and youth with mental health, behavioral and psychological challenges in achieving social integration and being able to access the resources being provided to them. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled African people by providing educational, professional, social, and material resources.
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