Basic Support Services

Basic support services provide the level of assistance, supervision, and care that is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the person and do not include services that are specifically directed toward the training, habilitation, or rehabilitation of the person.

Basic support services include:

Intensive Support Services

In addition to the basic support service level of assistance, supervision, and care, intensive support services provide services specifically directed toward the training, habilitation, or rehabilitation of the person.
Intervention Support Services

In-home support services

Employment services

Quality of Life Skills

A maximum quality of life is very important to people with a disability. We help our clients find ways to improve their abilities and regain their confidence to live more independent and rewarding lives.


We Leverage our relationships to build more choices for employment; create new pathways to career advancement and build employer engagement and appreciation for the value of employees with disabilities.

Day Support Services

Individualized, community-based training and support services that helpa person dvelop and maintain essential and personallly enriching life skills so they can access and partivipate in activities they prefer in their community.
MNCAPD offer services in a psychologically safe enviroment, free from social harm that is caused in instititions where representation is lacking. Our culture is represented in all aspects of service delivery, including the design and constant improvement of our offerings. MNCAPD is uniquely posutioned to offer culturally congruent services, which are not typically available by the majority of service providers in the state of Minnesota.

Days Support Services:

  • Music Therapy
  • Navigation Help
  • Money Management
  • Community Resources
  • Cultural Support
  • Community Activities
  • Self-determined Approach
  • Culturally Appropriate Service & Communication